For over three decades, the Parent-Infant Center has provided high quality child care to the families who live and work in the diverse neighborhoods of West Philadelphia.

Feroza Shimun

Classroom Assistant
Helping children is the most rewarding job I can think of. I admire their endless energy, their imagination and their honesty.
Originally from Bangladesh, Feroza Shimun grew up in West Philadelphia and attended the Penn Alexander School next to PIC. She remembers seeing how much fun the PIC kids were having.
She is excited to work at the Parent-Infant Center because of its diversity. She enjoys coming to work where people from all kinds of backgrounds, races, and religions are working, teaching, and learning together. Getting to meet and connect with them, reminds her of her time at Central High School and the diversity she found there.
Feroza has been working with children ever since she became an aunt. Here nieces and nephews range in ages from two to eighteen years. Prior to coming to PIC, Feroza worked at the Moder Patshala School with children ages three to ten years old.
Feroza is passionate about art and photography. When not at PIC, she is often taking pictures of nature and people. And, she absolutely loves doing henna tattoo!
Education and Credentials: 
AA candidate, Computer, Science and Technology
Community College of Philadelphia
Staff Member Since: 2015
Age Group / Classroom: