For over three decades, the Parent-Infant Center has provided high quality child care to the families who live and work in the diverse neighborhoods of West Philadelphia.

Ashley Fusco

Assistant Teacher
Children bring joy to my life.
Ashley Fusco comes to PIC after completing her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. Before she graduated she fell in love with PIC when she came to visit a classroom and spent time watching preschoolers learning and playing on the nature playground
Her inspiration to work with children comes from some of the great teachers she has had and she would like to emulate them. As an example, "I remember when I was in first grade had to miss a class trip because I was sick. When I returned to school, my teacher presented me with a souvenir. I think of that story from time to time, it made me realize that my teacher went over and beyond for her student outside of the classroom."
Through Ashley's coursework, she visited many schools throughout Philadelphia, which has believes has helped increase my teacher presence in the classroom. She also believe, "It is important to let children develop and increase their independence, so that they will be critical thinkers later in life."
Ashley hopes to continue her studies in education and would like to return to school for a Master's Degree and ultimately a Ph.D.
Ashley is from Philadelphia, growing up in the Port Richmond neighborhood. She currently lives in Center City and describes herself as a devoted Philadelphia sports fan. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to sports events, and watching movies.


Education and Credentials: 

BS, Elementary Education
Drexel University

Staff member since: 2016

Age Group / Classroom: